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Rubber for Gym

Be it your personal home gym or commercial, rubber for gym is an essential part of your workout room. How good would it be not to slip from time to time and ensure your gym equipment stays in place even without screw lock on its stands? You can do all with a great gym flooring.

Vinyl Commercial Tile

Design-led and extensive range of highly authentic wood, stone, metallic and abstract designs are available in vinyl commercial tile. These tiles are highly durable and particularly suitable for high traffic areas. Vinyl commercial tiles are easy to install, maintain and have the look and feel of its natural counterparts, be it wood, stone or any abstract material.

Ceramic Tile

Choosing the perfect tile is an important part of defining your style. Tile adds distinct beauty and functionality to any room of the home or any commercial place. Our showroom has a large variety in ceramic tile to help you make sure your home expresses your true vision. Our wide range includes matching trims and finishing pieces, making it easy to fully renovate a room.

Winter Mats

We carry a wide range of commercial winter mats, specifically designed for harsh Canadian winter, we can custom made your entrance mat with your company’s logo and sign.
For lobbies of buildings (commercial and Residential) we can design, supply and install custom made winter mats to suit any design and décor.

Cork Floors

Cork floors are extremely durable, easy to care for and well suited for domestic and commercial use. One thing is sure, once you live on cork flooring, it is difficult to settle with anything else. Cork floors are made from cork, more specifically cork bark.
The bark comes from cork oak trees. Cork floor is made from leftover waste materials and commonly known as the most eco-friendly floor around the world.