Setting Trends with Commercial Specialty Flooring

Redefine interiors with our trendsetting commercial specialty flooring – a statement in design.

Commercial Flooring Solutions for Every Business Space

Discover a world of premium commercial specialty flooring at our specialized emporium. From eco-friendly Marmoleum to winter-ready mats, and bespoke stairs, we have it all. Elevate your space with our exclusive VCT range, known for versatility and easy maintenance. With us, it’s not just flooring – it’s an elevated experience for your commercial space. Elevate your space effortlessly with us. Access top brand specialty flooring deals through TQF flooring partners!

Marmoleum Flooring: Where Sustainability Meets Style!

Marmoleum also referred to as linoleum or lino floor covering are created out of natural raw materials, with no use of synthetic materials like PVC / plastic or polyolefin. This makes Marmoleum / linoleum the sustainable flooring choice for every indoor environment.

Navigating High Traffic Areas? Floor Mats to the Rescue!

They keep your business clean from outside dirt. They prevent slips and slides. They protect floors from tough machinery. They provide traction.

Specialty Stairs: Elevate Your Design with Customized Options

There are many different types of stairways: quarter-turn, winder, curved, bifurcated/split, spiral, open/floating.

Delving into VCT Tile: Vinyl Composite Tile In-Depth

What is VCT Flooring? VCT stands for vinyl composite tile. This is made from a composite material that is aimed at creating a tile that is made of a minimized amount of vinyl in combination with limestone and other materials.

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