Durable Elegance: Commercial Hardwood Flooring

Timeless durability meets sophisticated style in our Commercial Hardwood Flooring collection.

Commercial Hardwood Flooring Solutions for Every Business Space

Commercial wood flooring traditionally falls within the categories of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and locking hardwood floors. Solid hardwood uses planks that come from a single piece of wood, can be repeatedly sanded to last for years and must be nailed or stapled to a wooden sub-floor. Discover premium commercial flooring deals from top brands through TQF flooring partners!

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Commercial hardwood, also known as commercial-grade hardwood flooring, is a premium and durable flooring option suitable for a wide range of business applications. It’s distinct from residential hardwood due to its enhanced resilience and capacity to withstand the high demands of commercial spaces.

This flooring is typically crafted from hardwood species like oak, maple, cherry, or hickory and finished with commercial-grade coatings that enhance its strength and resistance to wear and tear.

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Our expert installers will take care of all aspects of your installation and will ensure that your site is free of all excess material and debris upon completion. Our job isn’t done, until you are 100% satisfied – and that has been our service guarantee for the past 40 years.

Commercial Hardwood Advantage

Timeless Appeal: Commercial Hardwood’s Aesthetic Advantage

Commercial hardwood’s uses span various industries and environments, including offices, retail stores, restaurants, and hospitality settings. Its warm, elegant appearance complements upscale interiors, while its hardwearing nature ensures longevity even in high-traffic areas. It’s easy to maintain, and refinishing options can extend its life further.

Why Opt for Hardwood Flooring?

  • Easy Maintenance, Lasting Beauty

  • Versatile Application Across Industries

  • Elegance and Durability Combined

  • Traffic-Proof Flooring for Busy Spaces

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Moreover, its natural acoustic properties help reduce noise levels in bustling commercial spaces. Commercial hardwood provides not only a sophisticated aesthetic but also the durability and longevity required to meet the unique demands of business settings.

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